Top 9 Posts of 2019


Instagram has the top 9 posts of 2019 and so does KISS in the Kitchen! After all, what’s better than a one stop shop for the recipes that can make your holidays and New Year go a little more smoothly. These top 9 posts are the ones that YOU loved the most and were kind […]

15 Healthy & Delicious 4th of July Appetizers

Summer snuck up on me this year! I kept thinking it was getting hot earlier than usual but somehow didn’t connect the dots that it’s almost July! This is always a special reflective time of year for me. My dad passed away on Independence Day in 2010 so I celebrate July 4th for multiple reasons. I’m excited to share with y’all 15 amazingly delicious and nutritious appetizer recipes that will be perfect for your Independence Day party!

Happy 8th Birthday and Farewell to The Recipe ReDux

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted about The Recipe ReDux, but if you’ve been following KISS in the Kitchen for a while, you’ve seen many a recipe that was a part of the Recipe ReDux. This monthly recipe challenge founded by registered dietitians has been an incredibly fun recipe collaboration to be a […]

3rd Annual Fruits of the Spirit Series: Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control


I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas! It was quite a special time here since it was Joy’s first Christmas. Everyone always says when you have children you see Christmas through their eyes, but Joy is still a smidge young to truly appreciate Christmas. She’s honestly more excited about a ceiling fan than presents, but […]

3rd Annual Fruits of the Spirit Series: Kindness and Goodness


Thank you to everyone who is following along in this series! Although I do it every year, I still love the timing of the different fruits- especially how kindness and goodness fall right before Christmas. The recipes for kindness are exactly what you might be thinking- different recipes that are great for gifting. These are […]

3rd Annual Fruits of the Spirit Series: Peace and Patience


This special series on the Fruits of the Spirit is continuing on with a focus on peace and patience! I’ll be quick to admit that patience is not my strong suit, and that’s probably become more obvious since becoming a mama. My peaceful moments have also become fewer and farther between, but I’m learning to […]

3rd Annual Fruits of the Spirit Recipe Series: Love and Joy


I’ve been eagerly anticipating this series the past few months! I started it in 2016 when I was in a particularly tumultuous season of life and was doing all I could to focus on the good, even during the particularly hard times. Life will always be a stretch of valleys and mountaintops and without one, […]

The 10 Best Thanksgiving Recipes


I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I also can’t believe that fall and winter arrived hand in hand, but at least the sweltering heat is behind us (although since I’m in Texas, that heat may make a surprise appearance in December). With less than a week before Thanksgiving, many of us are still putting […]

25 Freezer-Friendly Meals


It brings me great joy to announce that we are now a family of three! Our sweet baby girl, Joy Elisabeth, was born on June 2nd and our lives have been forever changed. I can’t wait to share more details on her birth, our newborn essentials and much more in the weeks and months to […]

45 Memorial Day Picnic and Party Recipes

Memorial Day has always been a holiday I look forward to and an important reminder that our freedom really isn’t free! As a military spouse, I’m especially grateful for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to make and keep our country safe. This particular Memorial Day is extra exciting because our baby girl is […]