Viva Fiesta Turkey Wrap

Oh Fiesta- you are truly one-of-a-kind. For that matter, San Antonio is one of a kind. And for us to have a 2 week-ish party celebrating San Antonio is pretty darn awesome. But with the parades, parties and countless events comes countless opportunities to eat lots of crap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about enjoying our favorite foods from time to time, but when heading out to the last few Fiesta events, packing a healthy and tasty lunch box or cooler is going to set you up for success!
Packing lunches can become so mundane, but this Viva Fiesta Turkey Wrap is sure to spice up your lunch! After all, it’s all too easy to get in a lunch rut and what better timing to amp up the flavor then Fiesta?! PLUS it’s time for another Recipe ReDux Challenge, so at the bottom you will find plenty of inspiration for packing healthy lunches from other dietitians and food bloggers!

Quick side note- these Stuffed Taco Peppers are my 2018 Fiesta recipe and are getting rave reviews!

And now, back to the wrap!
KISS Tip #1: If making a sandwich or wrap the night before, adding a thin layer of cream cheese is a great way to prevent a soggy sandwich or wrap!

KISS Tip #2: Serve this wrap in half or cut in 1/2-3/4 inch pinwheels for added fun!

KISS Tip #3: For even more Fiesta flavor, choose a spinach or a jalapeno wrap!
KISS Tip #4 For larger appetites or sharing a wrap, use a larger tortilla and double the ingredients!

Viva Fiesta Turkey Wrap
Serves: 4
Time: 10 minutes

4 Whole Wheat Tortillas (medium size, ~8 inch diameter)
½ lb turkey breast, salsa or chipotle variety
4 Tbsp Veggie Cream Cheese Spread
½ cup torn lettuce leaves
½ cup matchstick carrots
½ cup shredded Cheese, Chipotle or Mexican blend


  1. Lay out 4 tortillas and divide cream cheese evenly (1Tbsp per tortilla) on top of tortilla
  2. Layer with lettuce (2 Tbsp per tortilla) on entire tortilla
  3. On one side, add turkey (2 oz or 2 slices per tortilla)
  4. Add carrot (2 Tbsp per tortilla) on top of turkey and add final layer of  shredder cheese (2 Tbsp per tortilla) on entire tortilla
  5. Starting from the side with more ingredients, begin to tightly roll tortilla, pressing down while rolling. Once rolled, press evenly with hands.
  6. If time allows, let sit in fridge for 20 minute before slicing in half or into pin-wheels.
For more flavor-packed recipes, keep coming back to KISS in the Kitchen! Viva Fiesta! <3 Shannon
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