Easy Breakfast Scramble

Every home cook or busy mama needs an easy breakfast scramble in their arsenal! This hearty breakfast scramble with eggs, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, your choice of deli meat and cheese comes together quickly and will soon be a family favorite! Breakfast scrambles are my go-to when trying to spruce up scrambled eggs or wanting to use up household staples, like tomatoes and

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One Pan Chicken & Mushrooms

One Pan… music to my ears. However, sometimes I find “one-pan” recipes that require using the same pan like 3 times- adding ingredients, removing them, putting them back, and well- that’s not what I had in mind. Tomorrow is National Mushroom Day and this week I found myself with a surplus of mushrooms. When I think of mushrooms I immediately

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Dad’s Favorite Peach Cobbler

HAPPY National Peach Cobbler Day! As a dietitian and foodie, I pretty much get excited about every food holiday, but some are more special than others. Peach Cobbler was my dad’s absolute favorite dessert. Countless times I remember mom making it for him, and this particular recipe is fragrant from the start because the first step is melting butter. #butterforthewin

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Oven-Roasted Asparagus with Sesame Seeds

Are you in a side dish rut? Many families I work with will say something like… “We either have carrots, green beans or maybe a vegetable medley IF we have a few extra minutes”. And there’s nothing wrong with a steady rotation of staple veggies, BUT if you’re looking for a SIMPLE side dish recipe to spice up weeknight mealtime-

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