Instant Pot Chicken Soup

Spring will be here before we know it and this Instant Pot Chicken Soup is the perfect light soup for the end of winter! The flavor in this soup is phenomenal even though it didn’t take all day to cook (thanks, Instant Pot!) and here’s just something about fresh shredded chicken with a ton of creamy avocado that makes for an incredible soup experience. Plus, you can use rotisserie chicken as another shortcut to give you more time with the family and less time in the kitchen! Why Use an Instant Pot for Soup? We all know the Instant Pot

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KISS Berry Banana Smoothie

I’m a huge fan of smoothies. They’re refreshing and you can pack all kinds of dazzling nutrition in there- from protein to healthy fats to all the veggies you would find in a salad– all can be blended into a glorious state of smoothie goodness. Yet so many recipes out

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5 Steps to a Sassy and Sustaining Salad

Calling all salad fans… or those who desperately want to be salad fans. Salad is great (sure, as a dietitian, I’m a little biased), BUT REALLY- the textures and flavors of salad can be out of this world. —Fresh greens, crisp veggies, toasted nuts, chewy cranberries, filling protein and flavor

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Valentine’s Day: Breakfast in Bed

Many of you know KISS in the Kitchen is all about keeping it simple (Keep it simple, Shannon), but KISS can also be about love. After all, food is love. So this Valentine’s weekend, indulge a bit. Indulge by spending time with those you love- spouse, parents, kiddos, friends or

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Welcome to KISS in the Kitchen! I’m Shannon, and my dad always told me “Keep it simple, Shannon”. And that’s what you’ll find here- simple recipes and simple ideas to help you get healthier and happier. Read more…


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